First gamified
Social Network

Meet people around the world in a completely different way.
As more as you play as more as you grow socially.

How it works

We are a mix of other
Social Networks!

We got features from main others such as the mechanic of Instagram Stories, the magic of photos that you only can see once from Snapchat and the power of Tiktok from showing/seeing content from people around the World.

All of it with gamification!! Everything you do at Waving gives you Coins, with these coins you can unlock features and increase your REACH. (Number of people beyond your followers that are going to receive your content.)


Soon we will have some montly competions that will reward our top and most engaging users.
We are not sure what the top users will get but we are thinking about giving to the First a Verification Badge, Second a Bigger Range and Third a lot of Waving Coins.

*We know some people my try to cheat, for example creating fake accounts that's why we'll verify every single top user before giving rewards.
**If cheating the account will be banned.

App Is Available On Google Play & App Store

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A new concept of Social Network.